Antonio Brown Enrolls In Online Classes At Central Michigan University

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Enrolls In Online Classes At Central Michigan University

The former Patriots wide receiver posted a photo of his class schedule.

Published September 24, 2019

Written by Jarod Hector

After being released by the Patriots amid sexual assault allegations, Brown appears to be moving on with his life. 

According to ESPN, Brown has re-enrolled in classes at Central Michigan University where he played for three years. 

He is taking four classes this Fall 2019-2020 semester including Introduction to Management, Technical Writing, Death and Dying, a religion course, and Racism and Equality, a sociology course, according to CMU’s course list.

(Photo: ESPN)

Brown took to Twitter on Sunday and said he “will not be playing in the @NFL anymore.”

And while Brown seems to be moving on after his series of sexual misconduct allegations, some of his fans have not. 

After publishing the story in Sports Illustrated, about Antonio Brown’s second accuser, reporter Robert Klemko was harassed and received death threats on the internet from Patriots fanatics. 

The original story was published on September 16th, listing an alleged act of sexual misconduct by Brown towards a female artist hired to paint a mural in his home.

On September 19th a follow-up story, also written by Klemko, reported Brown sent a series of text messages to a group chat that included the artist and Brown’s lawyer. The texts referenced the artist’s kids and instructed his associates to look into her past. 

Brown was subsequently released by the New England Patriots that Friday (September 20th).

Apparently a segment of Patriots fanatics, yes fan is short for fanatic, didn’t appreciate the “role” Klemko played in getting Brown released from their favorite team. 

Klemko took to Twitter on Saturday (September 21st) and shared screenshots of the messages he received from some Patriots fanatics. He posted the tweet with the caption, “Luckily these Patriots fans are being really chill and cool about all this.”

In a now deleted tweet, Brown quote tweeted news of Klemko being harassed by Patriots fanatics with the caption, “System working effectively.”

(Photo: Twitter / @NickEmmonsTV)

The information blacked out in Klemko’s tweet are his address and phone number. 

These fanatics found out where he lived and used that as a means to mobilize a “mob mentality” and made sure Klemko took the threats seriously. 

Some of the threats and messages read:

'Your source is a lying c**t I hope you both die slow painful deaths.' 'F**k you you stupid b***h.’

'Robert is a gutless yellow journalist that had an obvious vendetta because he signed with the Patriots. F**k him and his boss Peter King.' 

Again, all we have right now are allegations and a civil suit. There is no criminal investigation or charges being brought by law enforcement

This is the ugly side of fanatic behavior that we cannot ignore. The zealotry and hate is palpable. 

(Photo: Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic)


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