Britney Taylor Drops Civil Suit Against Antonio Brown But Plans To Refile

Antonio Brown

Britney Taylor Drops Civil Suit Against Antonio Brown But Plans To Refile

Her lawyer says the drop and planned refile is a "strategic decision."

Published October 10th

Written by Jarod Hector

According to CBS, Britney Taylor has dropped her civil lawsuit against NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown in Florida but plans to refile. 

Taylor has accused Brown of rape and two instances of sexual assault. 

In the dismissal notice filed with the Southern Florida U.S. District Court, Taylor’s attorney David Haas wrote: “Plaintiff states that no opposing party has served an answer or a motion for summary judgement, and that this claim has not been dismissed before for any reason.”

A review of the latest filing documents show a change to Taylor’s legal team. 

Jonathan S. Abady was one of Taylor’s representatives in the original suit. His name doesn’t appear on the latest filings, but a new name is present. Andrew Knopf, a Florida-based attorney, has been added to the legal team. 

Brown has denied all allegations made by Taylor. 

Since Taylor came forward, Brown has also been accused of sexual misconduct by another woman. Allegations he also denies. 

When the additional set of allegations surfaced, Brown is alleged to have sent text messages, in a group chat, asking people to look into the alleged victim’s background. 

Currently, Brown is a free agent after being released by the New England Patriots on September 20th. 

He has filed a grievance through the NFL Player’s Association and is seeking the $9 million dollar signing bonus and $1 million in guaranteed salary owed to him by the Patriots. 

(Photo: Joe Sargent/Getty Images)


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