Colin Kaepernick’s Reps Release ‘Facts To Address The False Narratives’

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick’s Reps Release ‘Facts To Address The False Narratives’

The document aims to clear misconceptions surrounding his career.

Published October 11th

Written by Zayda Rivera

It’s been three years since Colin Kaepernick departed from the 49ers. Since then several misconceptions have swirled surrounding him and his career. 

On Thursday (October 10), his representatives, Jeff Nalley and Jasmine Windham, released a fact sheet on Twitter titled “Facts to Address the False Narratives Regarding Colin Kaepernick” to clear the air. 

“There have been so many false narratives in the media regarding Colin, we believe it is important to set the record straight again,” the statement reads. “Nothing below is up for interpretation or debate; it’s the truth and nothing else.”

Among the misinformation is that Kaepernick is no longer eligible to play professional football, which his camp adamantly denied, saying he is still, in fact, eligible to play. 

While he is eligible to play, he has not interviewed or worked out with any NFL team. He did visit with the Seahawks, but the team never worked him out. 

“I have reached out to all 32 teams about Colin’s employment, with little to no response from teams about an opportunity for Colin,” Nalley wrote. “In 25 years, I have never seen anything like it.” 

Despite rumors, Kaepernick has not demanded a specific salary. 

Since his departure from the 49ers, he’s been preparing for a possible return to the field, which is absolutely is desire despite opting out of his contract with San Francisco. 

His reps insist Kaepernick’s decision to opt-out of his contract after the team’s general manager, John Lunch, said they would cut him and publicly state, “I don’t want to characterize it as he made a decision to leave here … You can opt out, we can release you.” 

The fact sheet confirmed, “Colin opted out prior to free agency to maximize potential employment opportunities and because the 49ers would have cut him prior to the start of the 2017 season.” 

As far as misconceptions surrounding whether Kaepernick was a “distraction” to the 49ers, coach Chip Kelly said, “He is zero distraction,” during the 2016 season. 

That season, Kaepernick brought home the Len Eshmont Award, which is voted on by 49ers players and given to the player who best exemplifies inspiration and courageous play. 

The statement made it clear: “Colin has the same skill set as many of the young mobile quarterbacks flourishing in the NFL right now.” 

(Photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)


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