Georgia Congressman Threatens The NFL’s Antitrust Exemption Over Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

Georgia Congressman Threatens The NFL’s Antitrust Exemption Over Colin Kaepernick

Rep. Hank Johnson says, "It's possible that Congress can do something."

Published November 19, 2019

Written by Jarod Hector

Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson (D) has some fighting words for the NFL.

The representative from DeKalb County says the government might have to take action against the NFL for the league’s treatment of blackballed ex-quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

According to TMZ, Johnson believes the NFL orchestrated a ban against Kap for exercising his first amendment rights. 

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He says the government can take action against the league, hitting them where it would hurt the most. 

Their pockets. 

"It's possible that Congress can do something," Johnson says ... "Congress oversees the antitrust exemption that we gave the NFL. The NFL is doing quite well with that antitrust exemption, maybe it's time for us to take a fresh look at it."

The antitrust exemption allows the NFL’s 32 teams to work together, forming a monopoly to have leverage and negotiate lucrative broadcast deals. 

Now, before anybody gets too excited, this could just be typical political posturing and rhetoric to rile up his base. 

Also, the NFL and its owners are among the most politically connected people in this country. 

Something tells me they can work to ensure this never becomes more than the musings of a Congressman.

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Congressman Johnson is on the House Judiciary Committee, so it is well within his purview to suggest something like this and at least get the ball rolling. 

"Maybe [the NFL feels] a little heat about their antitrust exemption and the fact that the Judiciary Committee stands ready under the leadership of the chair of the antitrust subcommittee David Cicilline to perhaps look at that antitrust exemption."

If this were to actually happen, the NFL could lose billions of dollars.

(Photo: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)


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