South Lyon East Mourns Shocking Loss Of Football Player Trevon Tyler, Who Died After Knee Surgery

South Lyon East Mourns Shocking Loss Of Football Player Trevon Tyler, Who Died After Knee Surgery

Tre developed a blood clot and died of a heart attack after the procedure.

Published December 2nd

Written by Jarod Hector

Trevon “Tre” Tyler, a junior offensive lineman on South Lyon East’s football team, died on Friday morning (November 29), according to The Detroit Free Press.

Tre’s older brother called one of the South Lyon East coaches to relay the news. 

Tre suffered a torn meniscus in his knee during a game on October 4. 

He had the surgery and was doing his physical therapy and rehab. 

The surgeons had to go back in, but he seemed to be responding well. 

Late Thanksgiving night (November 28) he developed a blood clot which led to a heart attack and his premature death. 

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Tre was a big kid measuring out at 6-foot-4 and 300 pounds. 

His family, community, teammates and the school are in shock. 

Head coach Joe Pesci opened up the locker room on Thanksgiving as news of Tre’s death circulated. 

“It was tough,” he said. “The guys start coming in. All you want to do is hug each one of them and tell them that you love them. We hugged every kid on the way in, and then on the way out it was the same thing. You are still kind of numb and don’t know what to do. We just want to make sure we are there for our kids. 

“We had about 20 guys there, six coaches and my athletic director,” Pesci said. “For about an hour we sat in the locker (room) and talked about the situation about Trevon.

“We just expressed to our guys, ‘We are all hurting. You are going to be hurting for a while. The big thing is, don’t keep it in. Make sure as feelings start to build up, reach out to one of us, to a teammate, a parent, whatever. Just to get it out.’”

Pesci said South Lyon East will honor Trevon with a school-wide whiteout on Monday.

A GoFundMe site has been established in Tre’s memory and donations and heartfelt messages are pouring in. 

"My daughter Leah was a friend of Trevon and had many classes with him. She said he was a great friend and friends with so many students and loved by everyone! 

"The football team and the South Lyon community will never forget the impact such a bright young man had.

“As a kid, just the nicest, most fun-loving, caring kid,” Pesci said. “Walked with a pretty big pep in his step. He always said hi to everybody. Everybody loved him.”

Rest in peace, Tre. Prayers up to his family.  

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