Fans Debate If Naomi Osaka Calling Serena Williams ‘Mom’ Is Respectful Or Rude

Fans Debate If Naomi Osaka Calling Serena Williams ‘Mom’ Is Respectful Or Rude

Here’s what people are saying about the “controversial” Instagram caption.

PUBLISHED ON : JANUARY 16, 2020 / 01:57 PM

Written by Jarod Hector

Apparently Naomi Osaka’s photo with tennis legend Serena Williams and the caption is sparking an online debate. 

In Australia earlier this week, Osaka and Williams were playing in a charity event with other tennis superstars to raise money for the destruction caused by the Australian wildfires. 

Osaka and Williams are sitting on a bench in the photo, and Osaka wrote the caption, “me and my mom lol.”

It being the internet and 2020, everyone had an opinion from age shaming to “mom” as a sign of respect and reverence.

Williams is 38 and Osaka is 22. 

It should be noted that Serena had no problem with the picture or caption, commenting with heart emojis.

Osaka responded to one Instagram user in her comments, saying, “I literally would not be here without her. If that’s not some definition of mom idk what is. But sure, get offended by my internet slang I guess.”

"I think this is disrespectful to Serena," read one comment. "Yes Serena is much older than Naomi but girl have some class and respect! Serena is a legend and I think your comment is passive aggressive and mean spirited. Serena is NOT your mom she is your competition."

“This seems a little bit like age shaming,” a user wrote. “Not a fan.” 

“Like mother like daughter ;),” wrote another person.

“Very nice two lovely black women,” another user said. 

“I love this. 2 beautiful, strong women supportive of each other,” read one comment, while another read: "Two great players. Now do like your mum. Go out there and dominate the circuit."

(Photo: Hannah Peters/Getty Images & Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)


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