#BlackGirlMagic: Meet The Boss Chicks Of Super Bowl

Kimberely A. Martin, Gina Scott, and Kimberly Fields

#BlackGirlMagic: Meet The Boss Chicks Of Super Bowl

In the male-dominated field of professional football, these women are working & winning!

Published 3 weeks ago

Written by Alexis McCombs

Sure, a fourth-quarter rally earned the Kansas City Chiefs their first Super Bowl title in 50 years, but behind the scenes, these sistas are the ones bringing their A-game to the world’s biggest show:

Kimberley A. Martin

Senior NFL Writer- Yahoo Sports

Job Description of a Boss:

*Juggle six stories at a time with the ability to pivot for a last-minute press conference or post-game interview.

Martin is the only black, female columnist that covers the NFL for a major media outlet. 

Following a stint as The Washington Post’s Redskins beat writer, she joined Yahoo Sports - and hasn’t been afraid to take chances.

Imagine pitching your boss on a real-life Hustlers story, except J-Lo’s character is a young woman coming into town for the biggest sporting event of the year, with hopes of dancing her way to a gold mine. 

The Brooklyn-native wanted to explore ‘the other’ side of Super Bowl when it was hosted in Atlanta last year - and was trusted to tell the story with journalistic integrity. The article has  700,000+ hits. 

In the locker room, Martin looks different than other writers, but told BET she’s learned to embrace it. “Early in my career, I would go in with a stank face. I wanted to blend in but I’m not like them. I don’t see things the same as white men and can [culturally] relate to black men in a different way.”

This gives Martin an advantage since landing interviews is all about rapport, trust and credibility. She added, players know “Kim is about her business.” 

Gina Scott

VP, Partner Services – NFL Players Association (NFLPA)

Job Description of a Boss:

*Facilitate multi-million dollar deals as a matchmaker between NFL players and products we love.

Head & Shoulders’ “Offense vs Defense” commercial  features Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes in a hair battle with retired Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu. 

When brands want to access the star power of NFL athletes through ads, events, endorsements, and appearances, Scott helps make it happen. She’s a strategy expert and consults on licensing rights.

During Super Bowl weekend, the NFLPA facilitates over 500 player deals and some of its sponsors ran commercials in the game. 

As a high-level executive, Scott told BET, “My biggest challenge is getting a seat at the table, to be considered an equal since things are often gender-specific.” In sports, men are typically the ones to head up sales and have the monetary responsibilities. 

That doesn’t hold Scott back - she helps facilitate $200 million in annual revenue.

Kenisha Brown-Alexander

Miami Super Bowl Host Committee - Volunteer Program

Job Description of a Boss:

*Recruit 10,000 Super Bowl volunteers that must be cleared through background checks & trained to work at airports and venues throughout the city. “Welcome to Miami!” (Will Smith voice).

“As the pick to host the 2020 Super Bowl, the NFL selects...Miami, FL!”

After the announcement was made four years ago, Alexander was one of 24 people hand-selected to lead logistics for the Host Committee which oversees everything from local law enforcement to the strength of cellular service at team hotels. 

Her task was to find students, football fans, and local residents willing to serve as ambassadors for activities leading up to the big game. 

She’s no stranger to sports but originally aspired to be an athletic trainer before a life-changing event occurred. The Kentucky-native told BET, “I lost my mom to breast cancer and failed a lot of classes. I just didn’t have it in me” [to finish her undergraduate program]. 

When she realized it would take three years to get back on track, Alexander decided to switch to sports administration, got an internship with the Orange Bowl and landed jobs with the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat. “It was nothing but God,” she says. 

Being a female has helped Alexander showcase her value. She added, “Women are naturally strong. We are the brains behind things, the nuts and bolts that make it happen.”

Kimberly Fields

SVP of Partnership Development & Operations - NFL

Job Description of a Boss:

*Rise through the ranks of the world’s most valuable sports league while being intentional about African American mentorship. 

Who knew a black female use to be the NFL Commissioner’s chief of staff who shared her perspective on things going on in the organization? 

Fields has 20 years of sports experience and in this prior role, ran the day-to-day operations of Roger Goodell’s office. She now heads up partnership development. 

If you’re a fan that wins tickets to NFL Honors, which airs the night before Super Bowl, the accomplished attorney probably had her hand in the deal - League sponsors are offered exclusive experiences to pass onto loyal customers. 

When it comes to being inclusive, Fields is often the only female in the room but is mindful of bringing others through the door. 

She told BET, the other half of the equation is making sure young minorities “don’t feel isolated, so by themselves” and that someone teaches them about politics. “We sometimes don’t know the playbook - It’s important to leave a legacy for the next generation of people of color in sports.” 

Alexis McCombs is an on-air sports contributor (appearances on CNN, The Insider on CBS) & author of Girls Guide to Go: Football 101 & The Big Bowl Game. Follow her on IG @MissGridironGirl & Twitter @MzGridironGirl


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