Dwyane Wade On The Moment He Earned Kobe Bryant’s Respect

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Dwyane Wade On The Moment He Earned Kobe Bryant’s Respect

The retired Miami Heat superstar had to earn his stripes in the NBA.

Published April 27th

Written by BET Staff

Dwyane Wade is now an NBA legend, but he wasn’t always a feared player in the league. 

In a viral Instagram live stream with Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry and their wives, Gabrielle Union and Ayesha Curry, Wade explains that he had to earn his stripes on the basketball court. He recalled the moment when Kobe Bryant gave him that respect.  

The two celebrity couples were participating in The Wine Down Cookoff on Friday night (April 24). 

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Wade admits that he struggled early in his career and noticed the disrespect from his opponents. They felt no fear of him shooting from a distance.

But that didn’t last long, as he continued to develop his skills.

Wade says he first noticed the change in attitude from his opponents during a game against Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers. In that match, Bryant guarded him closely from everywhere on the court.

“OK, I got their respect now,” Wade recalled saying to himself when he noticed other players following Bryant’s lead by guarding him the full length of the court.

Aside from basketball, the couples had wide-ranging discussions on topics like family and cooking secrets over glasses of wine.

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