Eagles Quarterback Vick Among Players Given Franchise Tag

Eagles Quarterback Vick Among Players Given Franchise Tag

The Philadelphia Eagles placed the franchise player tag on versatile quarterback Michael Vick.

Published February 16, 2011

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Philadelphia Eagles sought to guarantee the return of Michael Vick for at least one more season by placing the franchise player tag on the versatile quarterback, the NFL club confirmed Tuesday.

The designation, which might not carry over in a new collective bargaining pact between the NFL and the Players Association, would keep Vick with the Eagles for an average of the five highest-paid NFL quarterbacks or roughly $20 million.

The team's official website (philadelphiaeagles.com) said that Vick's franchise tag was exclusive, meaning no other teams would have the chance to compete for his services.

Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson, Patriots guard Logan Mankins, Jets linebacker David Harris and Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata have also been designated as franchise players.

San Diego placed a non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, meaning the 2009 Pro Bowler can negotiate with other teams. If he receives an offer, the Chargers can either match it or get draft choices back as compensation.

Jackson will receive a one-year tender at the average of the top five salaries among receivers last year, expected to be between $10 million and $11 million.

Philadelphia also placed the transition tag on kicker David Akers.

That tag, also subject to the upcoming collective bargaining talks, means five-time Pro Bowler Akers would be paid the average of the top 10 kickers and the Eagles could match any offer received by Akers from another team.

The current labor agreement expires on March 4 and the two sides appear far apart on a proposed 18-game regular season, a rookie wage scale, drug testing, pensions for former players and how to distribute the NFL's $9 billion in annual revenues.

Image: REUTERS/Gary Hershorn

Written by Larry Fine


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