Hip Hop Awards 2022: The Ladies Of The 80s

When hip hop goes mainstream, ladies are a part of the expansion.

JJ Fad

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Hip hop blew up in the 80s and made its way into the mainstream. While dominated by men, there are several ladies who made their mark in the decade with their flows and their fashion. The ladies took the bold colors and prints of the era and added a twist with their hair and jewelry. Let’s take a look at some of the trendsetters of the 80s. By: Alba Anthony

Photo By Raymond Boyd


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Antoinette has big bangs and animal print on the set of her “Who’s the Boss” video

Photo By Michael Ochs Archives


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Miss Melodie pairs a big smile with a bold print on the streets of NYC

Photo By Michael Ochs Archives


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MC Lyte accentuates her t-shirt with a big gold chain for a photo shot at Rhino’s Den Studio

Photo By Al Pereira


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Roxanne Shante’s red denim outfit gets a pop of gold with her rope chain and earrings

Photo By Michael Ochs Archives