Elite finds out the truth about her paternity. Was it what she was hoping? See photos from the season finale now.


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Down & Out - Neffe's not feeling too well. The morning sickness has taken her out.


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Elite - Elite finds out the results of the paternity test. She and Neffe do not have the same father.


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Vick - Vick tries to console Elite and claim her as family, but she ain't havin' it.


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Heartache - Elite is happy that the results prove Neffe and Vick are family, but she's also disappointed.


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Regrets - Although Neffe knows that Vick is definitely her father, she's not happy to find out the truth about Elite.


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Frankie - Frankie wasn't on hand for the revealing of test results. She already knew the truth.


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Final Assessment - The life coach meets with Frankie and Neffe one last time.

Neffeteria Land - The first of Keyshia's siblings we met, Neffe's the high energy, fireball older sister and best friend we all know and/or wish we had. (Photo: BET)

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Neffe - The life coach tells Neffe to use her pregnancy to motivate her towards change.


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Frankie, the author? - Frankie talks about writing a book about her life.


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Real Talk - The life coach reminds the ladies to appreciate one another. She shares that her mother died years earlier from breast cancer.

Elite's Next Journey - After finding out that she and Neffe didn't have the same father, Elite wanted to continue searching for her biological father and other siblings that she may not know. We'll see what comes of her continued search in the premiere season of Keyshia Cole: All In.   (Photo: BET)

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Elite - Will Elite continue to search for her father and other siblings?

Frankie's World - We saw Keyshia and Neffe struggle to ensure their mom, Frankie, was in a good space to recover from her drug addictions. Frankie began to show signs of continuous recovery and be the grandma/mother we always knew she could be.   (Photo: BET)

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Grandma Frankie - Will Frankie become the kind of grandmother her family deserves?