Frankie and Neffe's Funniest Moments

They keep us laughing!


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Just Can't Stop Her - All Frankie wanted to do was say "Man Down" on the mic. That's all! Bwahahahaha! (Photo: BET)

Elite's Time - We met Keyshia's youngest sister, Elite, on the Frankie & Neffe show and like the family we welcomed her with open arms. Elite showed that she may have had a few issues as well.   (Photo: BET)

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Riding With the Woes - That face Elite made when she was about to roll out with Neffe.  (Photo: BET) 


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She Betta Stop! - This isn't really funny, but it's cute. We had to add it. (Photo: BET) 


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What You Mean?!!? - Neffe has her infamous "What?!!?" face on. Hilarious.(Photo: BET) 


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I'm Trynna Balance My New Wig - When she tried to talk through her new hair. WERK! (Photo: BET) 


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Frankie Wreaks Havoc - We tried not to laugh at this moment in which Frankie threw cake all over Neffe, but we couldn't help it. (Photo: BET)


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$FREE.99 - That one time Frankie went shopping at the dollar store to prepare for her grandchildren to visit. Not the dollar store, though. (Photo: BET)


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Ain't Nobody Got Time for This! - When your mom still wants to stay at church, but you're hungry. Come on, Frankie!(Photo: BET)