Frankie & Neffe: Episode 8

Will Elite find out who her father is? See photos from episode eight now.


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Paternity? - Neffe talks to Elite about having a DNA test done.

Elite's Time - We met Keyshia's youngest sister, Elite, on the Frankie & Neffe show and like the family we welcomed her with open arms. Elite showed that she may have had a few issues as well.   (Photo: BET)

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Who's Your Daddy? - Neffe wants to prove that she and Elite have the same father, but Elite's not too sure she wants to go through with the test.


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Phone Home - Neffe calls her father and informs him that she wants a sample of his DNA.

Finding Home - Neffe and Elite do look a great deal alike, which is why Elite thought about asking Neffe's dad for a paternity test...  (Photo: BET)

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Warm Welcome - When Elite and Neffe arrive in California, Neffe's dad, Vick, immediately accepts Elite as his own.

The Verdict - Neffe's dad agreed, but the results came back that Elite wasn't his daughter after all.  (Photo: BET)

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Daddy's Girl - Only science will reveal the truth. Is Vick Elite's father, too.


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Teary Eyed - Elite is emotional over the prospect of finding her father.


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Test Time - The ladies prepare themselves for the test.


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Someone's Missing - Where's Frankie? The trio is wondering where Frankie is.


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Drama Queen - Frankie arrives and stirs up trouble. The four end up in a shouting match and Neffe storms off.


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Questions... - Will Elite find out who her father really is?


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Frankie - Frankie speaks to a group of women at Hope Homes about her battle with addiction.


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Captive Audience - Frankie admits to the other women that she has struggled with addiction for more than 20 years, but is trying to turn over a new leaf.