BET Star Cinema Movie Fun Facts: August 20 to August 26, 2012

Learn fun facts about this week's movies!

Coming to America (1988) - For one of his first films, Samuel L. Jackson was cast in the small but memorable role of the stick-up man in Coming to America. Jackson's portrayal of the antsy, wide-eyed, shotgun-wielding guy holding up McDowell's was believable and intense. Eddie Murphy disarming him with a mop handle, not so much.(Photo: Courtesy Paramount Pictures)

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Coming to America (1988) - Did you know? The McDowell's in the movie is actually a Wendy's on Queens Blvd.  (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Belly (1998)

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Belly (1998) - Did you know? Ghostface Killah makes a guest appearance as a getaway driver for Method Man’s character. (Photo: Big Dog Films)

Sparkle (1976)

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Sparkle (1976) - Did you know? The Sparkle soundtrack was produced by Curtis Mayfield.(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)