Hip Hop Awards 2022: Fifty Years Of Hip Hop: New York Style

Hip hop and its style was born in the Bronx but spread throughout NYC.

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We all know hip hop originated in the Bronx and spread quickly through the five boroughs of New York City. Artists became trendsetters and fashion icons both in the hood and on runaways. Let’s take a look at some of New York’s most influential hip hop style icons. By: Alba Anthony

Photo By Scott Gries

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Eric B and Rakim pull out the gold ropes for a portrait session in 1987

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Ghostface Killah goes full athlete in a jersey and shorts in the Source Hip Hop Awards Pressroom

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Fabolous rocks an oversized Penny Hardaway jersey at the 2002 American Music Awards

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Nas arrives at the 2000 Tommy Hilfiger “Young, Loud, & Sexy” fashion show in a leather Avirex jacket

Photo By Ron Galella