More Drama for Trinidad James

(Photo: Youtube/Gold Gang TV)

More Drama for Trinidad James

Trinidad James continues to fuel the fire.

Published November 22, 2013

For the past two weeks, Trinidad James has been making waves in hip hop, but not because of his music.

After saying that New York hip hop radio should support New York hip hop's rising stars and saying that the South runs rap in general, James turned a few heads, got a few responses and really made Maino angry. Maino has since voiced his opinion on Twitter and on Hot 97 during a heated discussion where he ranted about how disrespected he felt after Trinidad James' comments. Trinidad James has released an explanation for his comments, but no apology. Then today he posted the fan art below which shows him on top of New York's Empire State Building with a small plane flying by with Maino's name on it.

We'll keep you posted with how Maino reacts...if he does.

Written by Taj Rani


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