President Obama Asks Fathers To Take A Pledge to Lead Their Families

President Obama Asks Fathers To Take A Pledge to Lead Their Families

Learn how you can get involved with the President's Fatherhood Pledge.

Published June 17, 2011

President Barack Obama did not know his father growing up, and that experience made him determined to be a devoted parent to his two young daughters, Sasha and Malia. Now, amidst all his resposibilites as the elected leader of the United States, President Obama has stated that his being a great dad is his most important job.

Unfortunately, many Black households suffer from a lack of parental guidance that the First Family enjoys. In some parts of the Black community, 70% of families are led by single mothers. Yet other statistics show that children are less likely to drop out of school, do drugs, or go to prison if their fathers are in their lives.

President Obama recognizes this national problem, and because of it, he is encouraging all men to take the President's Fatherhood Pledge. The pledge asks fathers to be leaders in their families and communities. Dads who take the pledge at will receive updates over email with helpful tips on being a great parent and role model.

Take the President's Fatherhood Pledge today at

Written by Hashim Warren


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