Snoop Gets Interviewed By His Biggest Fan

Snoop Gets Interviewed By His Biggest Fan

Last time Snoop Dogg visited 106 & Park, his biggest fan interviewed him about his last album, "More Malice."

Published March 29, 2011

Here's what Snoop's No. 1 fan learned while kicking it with the Doggfather backstage at 106 & Park:

- Snoop advises young rappers to always make good music, and stay in a close relationship with your fans, especially in the age of the of the Internet.

- Snoop doesn't feel any pressure to change his music. Snoop's music fits him, so he trusts that the music will fit his fans too.

- It took Snoop four months to make the album Malice N Wonderland. He recreated some existing songs, but made most of the tracks from scratch.

- Malice n Wonderland, the short film that comes with the album, has Snoop playing "Malice," a character he created. Malice is a superhero from the hood. He's like Batman, Ironman and the Incredible Hulk.

Tune in to 106 & Park tonight to see what Snoop has to say about his new album, Doggumentary.

Written by Hashim Warren


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