Wild Out Wednesday's Male R&B Competition

Wild Out Wednesday's Male R&B Competition

Congratulations to LovAndre from Chicago for winning the latest Wild Out Wednesday competition.

Published May 11, 2011

Every week, Terrence and Rocsi welcome three new challengers to face off during 106 & Park's Wild Out Wednesday.

Each talented but unknown performer pours out their heart and soul onstage during the W.O.W. competition. However, it's up to you at home to cast your vote and decide who has what it takes to be a star.

This week's battle features these three crooners:

  1. Congrez (Cleveland)
  2. Princeton (Detroit)
  3. LovAndre (Chicago)

Congratulations to LovAndre for winning W.O.W. last night! His polished dance performance and playful lyrics about expressing love to his girlfriend on her "Facebook wall" made him a fan favorite, as he topped the combined online, mobile and app votes.

Written by Hashim Warren


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