Resources: Use Social Media

How to Use Social Media as Means to Protest

Resources: Use Social Media


PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 24, 2016 / 11:19 AM


Using social media as means to protest underscores all these efforts and is crucial to accountability. Keep filming incidents but know your state’s laws about admissibility in courts. Don’t stage or provoke incidents but keep your phones ready, charged and with sufficient data.

∙ Use our #5ThingsBET hashtag to spread the word about the special 5 Things You Can Do to Change Sh*t.

∙ Notify people of organizing events such as rallies on all of your social platforms.

∙ Record police encounters with your smartphone.

∙ Send and share photos, videos and other important information on all your platforms.

Your legal rights to film the police:

Written by BET Staff

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