Black Churches as Told by Funny Memes

Black Churches as Told by Funny Memes

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Published April 7th

  1. LOL. Who can relate? 

  2. Every little girl was stylin' on 'em.

  3. A post shared by Charity (@cherrymade92) on

    They take their jobs seriously. No one can interrupt. You must wait your turn once your turn is lost. 

  4. A post shared by Joran Mikel (@joranmikel) on

    And by "the back" we mean "the church basement." Grab a plate.

  5. But look at the hand placement. Ha!

  6. When you've heard "and I leave you with this..." one too many times in a row.

  7. Identical stance.

  8. A post shared by Monique Cole (@trinea8499) on

    Jesus be an alarm.

  9. Self explanatory. Either you get it or you don't. 

  10. You ever wonder how they have so much money? 

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