9 Pivotal Moments in Latifah's Queendom

9 Pivotal Moments in Latifah's Queendom

9 Pivotal Moments in Latifah's Queendom

A look at Queen Latifah's rise to royalty.

PUBLISHED ON : FEBRUARY 15, 2017 / 11:22 AM

  1. See It and Owning It

    In 1991, Latifah organized and became chief executive officer of the Flavor Unit Records and Management Company, headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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  2. Living Large

    She soon landed a leading role on the small screen, appearing in the sitcom Living Single from 1993 to 1998. Winning multiple NAACP Image Awards, Living Single still remains one of the few sitcoms to focus on a group of African-American women, which was unseen at the time that the series premiered. 

  3. Trophies

    Queen Latifah's first power move in her royal reign happened when she won a Grammy Award for her track "U.N.I.T.Y." from the album Black Reign.

  4. Setting It All the Way Off

    Latifah stretched her acting skills and all of our imaginations by playing Cleopatra (affectionately known as Cleo) and earning an Independent Spirit Award nomination.

  5. Golden Girl

    Perhaps Latifah's most acclaimed film role came in 2002 with the hit film version of Chicago, starring Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger. Her portrayal of prison matron Mama Morton showed off her range. For her work in the film, Latifah earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

  6. Bold and Bossing Up

    Latifah took her artistry to a new level when she portrayed the iconic blues singer Bessie Smith alongside Mo'Nique for HBO's biopic on the artist's life. 

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  7. The Rock 'n' Roll Rose

    In the remake of Steel Magnolias, Latifah led a cast of highly accomplished actresses who we can safely say she adores (Phylicia Rashad, Alfre Woodard), further placing her queendom in a much higher bracket.

  8. Green With Greatness

    In the live, stage adaption of the 1978 film The Wiz, Latifah led Emerald City with grace and elegance like only she could. Here, she further illustrated her many talents as she and a host of other singers/actors bounced off of each other's energy in real time.

    THE WIZ LIVE! -- Season: 2015 -- Pictured: Queen Latifah as The Wiz -- (Photo by: Paul Gilmore/NBC)
    (Photo: Paul Gilmore/NBC)
  9. Zenith

    Utilizing her many years in the business, Latifah's empire continues to rise as the head hen on Lee Daniels's latest TV series Star, where she's showing a new legacy of multi-talented ladies how to grow into their own queendom. Much respect and, most importantly, "All Hail the Queen."

    STAR: Pictured L-R: Ryan Destiny and Queen Latifah in the "New Voices" episode of STAR airing Wednesday, Jan. 25 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Wilford Harewood/FOX
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