8 Times Regina Hall Represented Every Sistah Alive

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8 Times Regina Hall Represented Every Sistah Alive

ABFF Honors host Regina Hall is taking the crown for downright funniest lady alive!

PUBLISHED ON : JANUARY 9, 2017 / 05:27 PM

  1. She Taught Us How To Clap Back Without Even Clapping
  2. She Opened Our Eyes To What Wypipo Were Up To
  3. She Also Taught Us That Honesty Is the Best Policy – Even If It's Brutal
  4. She Helped Us Understand How Imperative It Is To Have Receipts
  5. She Was An Expert At 'The Look' You Give To Wypipo Who Say Something Racist But Haven't Realized It Was Offensive
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  6. She Even Gets How 'Over It' You Are With Your Homegirl Always Asking You To Do Her Hair
  7. When Her Song Comes On, She Becomes the Life of the Party
  8. Lastly, She's Not Afraid To Turn Up When Life Gets Ugly!
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Written by BET Staff


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