American Soul Cast & Info

LOS ANGELES - CIRCA 1977:  Don Cornelius host and producer of the TV show 'Soul Train' on the set circa 1977 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Cast & Info

Sinqua Walls

Don Cornelius

Formidable, flawed and fascinating, Don is a man who has failed at every job he's ever had until the birth of "Soul Train," the creation he loves but which threatens to tear him away from his family.  

Jason Dirden

Gerald Aims

(Photo: Abigail Gorden)

Gerald, an established gangster and club owner who hasn't lost the hustle, is an alpha dog who'd rather scare you than kill you, but he isn't afraid to do the latter, either.

Jelani Winston

Kendall Clarke

Kendall is a crazy-talented singer, dancer and teenage dad who longs for success. As he works to rise, he grows jealous of his sister's ascent.

Iantha Richardson

Tessa Lorraine

Dana Patrick

Tessa is a risk-taker unafraid of the next challenge or adventure. She's the "Soul Train" dance coordinator with an excellent sense for talent who believes she can save every wayward dancer in her care.

Katlyn Nichol

Simone Clarke

(Photo: Jeremy David)

Simone is a rebel. She's a glass-half-full dream-chaser who's determined to find musical fame.

Christopher Jefferson

Jeffrey 'JT' Tucker

Peter Michelena

JT's a natural-born music producer; he can play everything from Bootsy Collins to Bach. He may not dance like Kendall or sing like his secret love Simone, but he can hold his own in their trio Encore.

Perri Camper

Delores Cornelius

Delores is the gel of the Cornelius family. While Don is in Los Angeles, she holds down the fort back home in Chicago.

Kelly Price

Brianne Clarke

(Photo: Tony Tyus)

Extremely wise yet cautious, Brianne is the head of the Clarke household and mother of Simone and Kendall. She recognizes her children's talents but is wary of the heartache life as entertainers could bring them.