5 Gif-Worthy Moments from Being Mary Jane

5 Gif-Worthy Moments from Being Mary Jane Ep. 3

5 Gif-Worthy Moments from Being Mary Jane

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Published January 21, 2014

After a hard day of work where Mary Jane was told to stay in her lane by a senior anchor and mentor Cynthia, thinking that she'll be single and addicted to Andre forever, a bath and some red wine is necessary.

Andre in a wet white shirt will leave you speechless too.

The only place that this is okay is in Aunt Toni's loving home.

Sir, don't be inappropriate.

When Mary Jane realizes that she can retrieve Andre's number after deleting it, running around like Speedy Gonzalez is the perfect prelude to her victory dance.

Written by Taj Rani and Jordan "YR" Yue


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