The 9 Stages of Dating as Told By GIFs

Couple Enjoying Night Out At Cocktail Bar

The 9 Stages of Dating as Told By GIFs

We all know it took Mary Jane quite some time to settle down. Here are some steps we can all relate to.

Published February 13, 2017

  1. Attraction

    You spot them, you like them and you want them. Or, at least, the idea of them. 

  2. Conversation

    You start to get to know each other. Each of you are the best version of you. Things are new and, at this stage, you decide whether you like them enough to hang out.

  3. Dating

    You decide to spend time with them. The big date night comes and, if all goes well, then of course the dates continue! 

  4. Getting to know them

    Now you've gone on more and more dates. Things are going well and they've continued to stay normal. 

  5. infatuation

    A few months pass by and you still find yourself liking this person. Things are starting to get real!

  6. Epiphany

    Now you really, really know them. Certain things you like, other things you don't. But remember, no one is perfect. 

  7. Decision making

    Enough time has gone by, you're both still here and overall this is working out for both of you. There are two decisions to make. Proceed to No. 8 or No. 9!

  8. Relationship

    Congrats! You've got yourself a relationship! Or...

  9. single

    If, after stages one through seven, you decide it isn't for you, then it's all good! Continue to love yourself and eventually you'll date again until you find what works for you.

Written by Milena Toro


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