5 Things That Would Help MJ Get It Together

"Being Mary Jane" episode 418. Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane Paul. (Photo: BET)

5 Things That Would Help MJ Get It Together

Sometimes self-evaluation is essential to the improvement of one’s life, but MJ, we’ve got you covered.

Published July 26, 2017

  1. Going to Therapy

    Let’s face it, MJ’s got some serious issues and whether they stemmed from her life at home or her own personal judgement, we all know talking to a professional can help. Many times we think that talking and venting to our friends like MJ does is a solution to our problems, but studies show that couples counseling has a 70-80 percent success rate.

  2. Working Out

    Sure, MJ’s got a rockin’ bod, but since she moved to the city, how often have you seen her work out the way she did in Atlanta? Sure, she’s involved in bedroom physical activity, but we don’t mean THAT kind of workout. What happened to the MJ that used to go on runs?

  3. Thinking It Through

    Let’s think about this. Even in her personal life, MJ has never made a conscious effort to think things through. She’s always going to others for advice and is very indecisive. It’s time to think before acting, MJ. You probably won't regret it if you know you tried your best to think it through.

  4. Stop Jumping to Conclusions

    Like many people in relationships, MJ jumps to conclusions every. single. time. For example, she broke up with Lee to get with Justin and it turned out that Justin wasn’t even on the same page as her. Know your facts, girl! As we mature, we need to understand how to look at life as a reality instead of a fantasy guessing game.

  5. Learn to Communicate Better

    So we’ve got one thing down. MJ didn’t lie to Lee about her affair with Justin. Well, what we mean is that she eventually told him the truth. Good job on that one, MJ! However, we all know that she has a temper. Learn to woo-sah every once in a while girl. We’ve all got issues, but yelling at Lee to get out of the bed when the real issue is that you cheated is not the best way to start off a very serious conversation. Wouldn’t you guys agree?

Written by Milena Toro


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