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Kenyatta Hents Ruffin is a T-38 instructor pilot who teaches mostly new college graduates and officers the basics of becoming a fighter pilot. He is an honored officer in the world's greatest Air Force. He loves being able to have the opportunity to serve others and contribute to his team's mission success, because it brings him a sense of pride and fulfillment. Kenyatta's story doesn't end there; he has also founded a 501(c)3 non-profit organization called the Legacy Flight Academy (LFA). The Legacy Flight Academy dedicates themselves to helping minorities and at-risk youth achieve success as aviation professionals, and also focuses on promoting military service as a career option. Good work Kenyatta, we are proud to have a leader such as yourself serve and protect our country.


Marcus Duke is the director for Club Kids in Danger Saved, Inc. (Club KIDS), where he is able to lead an organization that supports financially disadvantaged children in Milwaukee. The goal and mission of Club KIDS is to keep kids off of the streets, out of gangs, and out of jail. Marcus partnered with volunteers to help remodel the BoyzIIMen Gang Prevention Resource House in Milwaukee. Once The Resource House is completed, it will become a safe haven for ex-gang members and gang members transitioning into the community. We appreciate Marcus' contributions to his community, and are glad he can be an inspiration to the people around him.