#CoupleGoals: BET Re-Imagines Dream Couples By Pairing Our Favorite Singles

Saweetie photographed on February 28, 2018 at BET's New York City studio. (Photo: Evans Alexandre/BET)

#CoupleGoals: BET Re-Imagines Dream Couples By Pairing Our Favorite Singles

Wishing these cute singles come together for the sake of love!

PUBLISHED ON : MAY 15, 2018 / 08:23 PM

There are so many lovely singles out there waiting for a handsome young brutha or sophisticated sista to make their acquaintance. BET wants to play matchmaker and hopefully bring some of these beautiful people together to become a match made in heaven.

#1: Trevor Jackson

Trevor is a handsome rising star, with swag on and off-screen. He's not only an actor on Grown-ish who has a not-so secret crush on Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi), but he's also a talented singer and dancer as well. He screams bae potential, and it would be quite cute to see him paired with a few equally talented stars.


Our first pick is budding actress Zendaya, who has been rumored to have been linked to him in the past, and even was casted to play his on-screen interest in his music video Like We Grown. Sparks maybe?


Our second pick is Grown-ish co-star Yara Shahidi. Their chemistry on-screen is lovely and their journey from homies to secret crushes has been exciting to watch, and it makes us think of how cute it would be to seem them together in real life. Watch out world!


Our third pick is Empire star, Serayah, who has been buzzing as a new IT girl in music and on TV. Both Serayah and Trevor have similar career paths and it would be adorable to see them rise together. What do you think?

#2: Saweetie

The lovely Bay-area rapstress Saweetie is new to the hip hop scene, but she's definitely making her mark. With her new single ICY GRL , she's making some waves that would have any rapper take notice. We can think of a few hip hop names who we think should be checkin' for her.


Our first pick is the head Huncho of Migos, Quavo! Quavo's solo career and group success is just a minor reason why we think he is a good fit for Saweetie. Both Saweetie and Quavo have a bad n' boujee persona, rapping about their affinity for expensive things seems like a perfect excuse to make the first date a shopping spree.


Our second pick is Aminé, who seems like a nice suitor for Saweetie. They both are college educated; Saweetie attended USC where she studied communications and business, while Aminé attended Portland State University and studied marketing. Perhaps a chill coffee date, discussing some good reads may be exactly what these two need.

#3: Trey Songz

Trey Songz has been fine since back when he had braids. And although Trey may be known as Mr. Steal Your Girl, we'd like to find him someone who's available on the dating market (no stealing involved). And since Trey has foreign taste, we've matched him with some international ladies. Let's see who it could be!


Our first pick is always on her model behavior, Miss Jourdan Dunn. The famed international fashion model is nothing short of breathtaking. But to be with Trey, we'd reckon you have to be more than just a pretty face. Fortunately, Jourdan is the whole package: personable, beautiful, and a sweet soul. They'd definitely be adorable!


Our second pick is the dreamy British singer, Jorja Smith. Two alluring singers, one relationship, we feel the love in the air already. 

#4: Justine Skye

The beautiful, fashionable, and cosmopolitan Justine Skye is truly IT right now. Her velvty smooth vocals and ultraviolet style are what captivate audiences time and time again. Beyond captivating fans, she is sure to snag the attention of a equally dazzling sweetheart.


Our first pick is Sammie, who has been featured on @TheShadeRoom for all his thirst-trapping photos. As soon as Sammie changed up his style and entered the illustrious #BeardGang, he became a whole entire snack, entree, and meal! Him and Justine would definitely wreck the singing game together.


Our second pick is Vince Staples, who is our generation's version Ice Cube; he's got the perfect mix of raw communication, street smarts, and societal wisdom. He has a charm that is unlike other rappers, and equally odd and refreshing. 

#5: Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish is #trending right now. This woman is claiming the comedy and movie space and it's truly exhilarating to see. She's hilarious, quick-witted, congenial and beautiful; a flawless combination to say the least. And "she ready!" to get boo'ed up.


Our first pick is David Banner is because the two would compliment one another's personalities. They could elevate each other spiritualy while listening to "Get Like Me," somehow we see that really working out. #StuntinIsAHabit


Our second pick is Xzibit! The charasmatic, rapper/actor definitely has the personality to sweep Tiffany right off her feet.

Written by BET Staff


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