5 Things To Know About Danielle Jones

5 Things To Know About Danielle Jones

Here's everything you need to know about Danielle Jones. Let's just say we call her 'Identity Crisis'.

Published February 23, 2018

  1. Identity Crisis

    Danielle appears to have it all; fun, smart, gorgeous and healthy. But after encountering who she believed was her soul mate, Danielle was left single and in crisis.

  2. Rebuilding

    Danielle left Boston at which she had family and support, to move to Atlanta so her daughter Honor could have a better relationship with her father. Due to broken promises to help support Honor, Danielle is forced to rebuild her life on her own. 


  3. Give Advice, Not Take It?

    She’s always been the best counsel for others but struggles with her own personal battles. She had to accept her reality in order to move forward and gain control of her happiness.

  4. Honor Thy Daughter

    Alone in Atlanta Danielle’s 3 year old daughter Honor is her pride and joy. Danielle takes pride in leading by example and teaching Honor a healthy lifestyle. They continually go viral for there workout videos together. She aims to teach Honor to worry less about fitting into the glass slipper and more about shattering glass ceilings.

  5. Support System

    Danielle doesn’t really have much of a support system in Atlanta. Honor is always with her, even when training clients. Danielle occasionally uses a babysitter for help.

Written by BET Staff


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