5 Things To Know About Iesha Jeng

5 Things To Know About Iesha Jeng

Here's everything you need to know about Iesha Jeng. Let's just say we call her 'Excuse Me Ms.'.

Published March 1st

  1. Work chic mommy

    Iesha is a mother of four and with the help of Deb Antney, she landed herself a career as a stylist, personal shopper and designer. 

  2. Trial and tribulation

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    While on a successful career path, Iesha entered into a toxic marriage that left her depressed, broke, and homeless.  

  3. Changes

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    Having lost custody of her children, Iesha is trying to get her family back together and gain control of her life and career. Will she be able to turn things around?

  4. Changes

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    Iesha is working to mend relationships around her while building herself up and making life changes. 

  5. family matters

    Deb Antney is her long time friend and mentor. Iesha’s four sisters, include radio personality Jazzy McBee, and her four children ranging in age from 8 to 19 years old. 

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