WORLD PREMIERE: "Beyoncé: Year of 4"

WORLD PREMIERE: "Beyoncé: Year of 4"

Watch the superstar artist take fans on a journey through her life and music.

PUBLISHED ON : JUNE 29, 2011 / 11:27 AM


(Photo: Columbia Records)

Having lived much of her life in the spotlight, Beyoncé cherishes her privacy. The superstar singer is well known for her show-stopping performances and genre-defining albums, but she's equally famous for avoiding the flashbulbs when she's off the stage. So what happens when Beyoncé pulls back the curtain and opens up, allowing her fans to see her life at a critical point in her career, as she takes personal control of her business and music?


What happens is you get Beyoncé: Year of 4, a half-hour television special that will give you access to Beyoncé's life and creative process like never before. Shot during Bey's year out of the public eye, the special captures her vacationing in Asia, managing her company, spending time with her husband, Jay-Z, and recording her new album, 4.


Tune in to BET on Thursday, 6/30, at 7P/6C to watch the world premiere of Beyoncé: Year of 4.

Written by Hashim Warren


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