10 Unforgettable Reactions to Having Our First Black President

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10 Unforgettable Reactions to Having Our First Black President

Check out these unforgettable reactions to President Obama!

Published November 1, 2016

  1. Obama made baby stop crying

    This baby's reaction to President Obama was unforgettable. The president was the only person who could stop this baby from crying!

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  2. POTUS Captures the congregation

    President Obama delivered a powerful eulogy for Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney at a South Carolina church. When he decided to break out in song, the congregation reacted in instant support of POTUS.

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  3. Obama Gets A Bear Hug

    That one time Obama casusally dropped by a restaurant and got a massive bear hug from a muscle-bound man.

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  4. Jeezy Puts on for POTUS

    I think it's safe to say that Jeezy let out the first trap anthem in honor of a sitting president. "My President Is Black" will forever be a rap classic!

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  5. Dancing at 106 years old

    106-year-old Virginia McLaurin visited the White House. After meeting the president and first lady, she immediately went into her happy dance!

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  6. Presidential Props

    Obama made it into the very exclusive club of U.S. Presidents. Despite his ethnicity, former presidents have accepted him and reacted well to him taking office.

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  7. Multiple Handshake Barry

    The time POTUS and KD shook hands as if they grew up together is an excellent example of the reactions POTUS gets within the sports community.

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  8. Obama gets love in cuba

    The world has embraced Obama. His presidency has improved international relations. After restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, Obama and Castro shared this priceless, semi-akward moment.

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  9. Obama's Got Jokes

    Not only can Obama make the average citizen laugh when he appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live! or makes a joke in a speech, he also has the ability to make his daughters laugh with his signature "dad jokes." 

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  10. It's all love

    This little girl's reaction to meeting President Obama is simply perfect!

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