Mama, I Want to Sing Premiere

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Mama, I Want to Sing Premiere

The gospel musical comes to life in this motion picture!

Published August 14, 2012

(Photo: Courtesy of Releve Entertainment)

Amara Winter (Ciara) is an aspiring singer raised in her father's church. When her father dies, Amara's mother, Lillian (Lynn Whitfield), takes up the role of preacher and becomes a gospel sensation. While her mother ascends the ranks of gospel royalty, Amara also begins to achieve success in the R&B world. However, Lillian does not approve of her choice to pursue a career in R&B as it does not agree with their religious principles and Amara is soon faced with an ultimatum.

Also starring Marvin Winans, Patti LaBelle, Billy Zane and Ben Vereen, Mama, I Want to Sing is an energetic adaption of the off-Broadway musical. Tune in on Sunday, August 19 at 5:30P/4:30C for the premiere of Mama, I Want to Sing.

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