LL Cool J Stars Opposite Mekhi Phifer in Slow Burn

(Photo: Philippe Bosse / LionsGate)
James Todd Smith (a.k.a. LL Cool J) and Mekhi Phifer in the flat neo-noir Slow Burn

LL Cool J Stars Opposite Mekhi Phifer in Slow Burn

LL Cool J and Mekhi Phifer star in the BET Premiere Cinema film Slow Burn.

Published July 21, 2014

District attorney Ford Cole (played by Ray Liotta) plans to run for mayor by taking down the city's most elusive criminal, Danny Ludin. One night during a gas leak in the interior of the city, Cole receives word that his top prosecutor Nora Timmer (played by Jolene Blalock) has killed a man named Isaac Duperde (played by Mekhi Phifer) in self defense.

A while later, a man by the name of Luther Pinks (played by LL Cool J) informs Cole that the incident wasn't self defense but indeed murder. 

Can Cole get to the bottom of this case? Tune in to the premiere of Slow Burn, only on BET, Thursday at 9:30P/8:30C

(Photo: Philippe Bosse / LionsGate)

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