Dead Presidents Premiere

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Dead Presidents Premiere

Several war veterans turn to a life of crime after returning home.

Published March 9, 2012

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Anthony Curtis (Larenz Tate) is a war veteran who, upon returning to his Bronx neighborhood after the Vietnam War, is faced with mounting financial and employment problems. Barely able to provide for his family, he soon links up with a militant group that devises a plan to rob a bank. The heist goes awry and the group must escape from the police.


Considered by many a Hughes Brothers classic, Dead Presidents also features standout performances by the likes of Chris Tucker (Rush Hour), Keith David (Barbershop) and Bokeem Woodbine (The Rock). Tune in on Wednesday, March 14 at 7:30P/6:30C for the premiere of Dead Presidents.


*Make sure to check in with Dead Presidents and BET during the movie premiere right here.

Written by Jordan "YR" Yue


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