Rosewood Premiere

Publicity still from the film drama 'Rosewood' (Warner Bros), directed by John Singleton and starring Ving Rhames, Rosewood, Florida, 1997. (Photo: John D. Kisch/Separate Cinema Archive/Getty Images)

Rosewood Premiere

John Singleton's take on a historical tragedy comes to BET Star Cinema.

Published September 19, 2012

Inspired by historical events, Rosewood recounts the racially motivated riot that took place in the Florida town of Rosewood in 1923.

When a white woman makes false accusations that a black man had beaten her, violence begins to erupt, with many black residents fleeing in fear of white lynch mobs. Central to the story are characters Mann (Ving Rhames) and John Wright (Jon Voight). Mann is convinced he must leave once he hears of the riots, but wants to save the woman that he loves. Wright is a white male citizen who does not agree with the actions of the mob and helps to protect some of the town's black residents.

Also starring Don Cheadle and Elise Neal, Rosewood is a powerful take on a tragic moment in American history. Tune in on Sunday, September 23 at 8P/7C for the premiere of Rosewood.

Written by BET-Staff


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