Mutiny on BET Nov. 13

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Mutiny on BET Nov. 13

Michael Jai White, David Ramsey and Duane Martin star in this film about the Port Chicago, California, tragedy.

Published November 12, 2013

Michael Jai White, Duane Martin and David Ramsey star in this film based on a true story that chronicles the tragic Port Chicago Mutiny that occurred in Port Chicago, California, on a naval ship in 1944.

Approximately 300 African-American sailors aboard the Liberty ship SS E.A Bryan refuse to deliver munitions because of loading and docking methods. After being forced by their superiors, the malpractice leads to a massive explosion, killing the soldiers in an explosion that could be felt as far as Boulder City, Nevada.

Soon the Navy replaces the 300 soldiers then charges each of the new soldiers with bad conduct discharges. Fifty of the soldiers, though, face different charges as they are faced with outright mutiny.

Will justice be served? Tune in to the premiere of Mutiny on Wednesday, November 13 at 9A/8C on BET.

Written by BET-Staff


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