Love Jones Chat with Larenz Tate

Love Jones Chat with Larenz Tate

The actor talks will live tweet the premiere of his classic film Love Jones, which premieres on BET Star Cinema on Saturday at 9P/8C.

Published December 13, 2013

New York. December 14, 2013 - Larenz Tate will live tweet during the BET Star Cinema premiere of Love Jones about the turbulent yet poetic love of two budding artists, co-starring Nia Long.

Beginning his career in a Christmas episode of The Twilight Zone, Tate's star took off when he co-starred in the film Menace II Society as the character O-Dog. From there Tate began to get major buzz and better characters, including the lead role of Vietnam Vet, Anthony Curtis in the gangster, cult classic Dead Presidents. The film that set him apart and made him a heartthrob, however, was Love Jones.

Now Tate can be found in both The Mindy Project as Tracy and House of Lies as Malcolm Kaan, but for one night will have Larenz Tate talk about his favorite moments, memories and scenes from the film Love Jones.

Use the hashtag #LoveJones and join the convo with actor @LarenzTate & @BETCinema. Saturday at 9P/8C during the film's premiere only on BET.


Written by Naiquan Greene


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