Fat Albert Premiere

Fat Albert Premiere

Fat Albert and the gang enter the real world to help a lonely girl get back on her feet.

Published December 19, 2011

(Photo: Twentieth Century Fox)

Reality TV takes on a new meaning in this cheerful live-action re-make of the hit 70s cartoon series. When Doris (Kyla Pratt), a depressed young girl, begins to cry while watching an old epsiode of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, a portal opens up bringing Fat Albert (Kenan Thompson) and the gang into the real world. Doris soon takes a liking to them, but it becomes apparent that the real world may not be suited for the fun-loving gang.

Featuring Let's Stay Together's Kyla Pratt in one of her first starring roles, Fat Albert is a hilarious joy ride that the entire family can enjoy. Tune in Wednesday, December 21 at 7:30P/6:30C for the premiere of Fat Albert.

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Written by BET-Staff


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