All the Films Denzel Washington Should Have Received Oscars For

All the Films Denzel Should Have Won an Oscar For

All the Films Denzel Washington Should Have Received Oscars For

What more does this man need to prove?

Published February 28, 2017

Much to our delight the beloved Denzel Washington has transformed on the screen time and time again. During the 2017 Oscars ceremony Twitter went in an uproar after Mr. Washington was snubbed for not recieving an Oscar for his lead role in "Fences." 

Should he have won an Oscar for a few previous films? We think so!

  1. 'Malcolm X'

    Spike Lee's portrayal of this polarizing Black figure was superb and memorable.

  2. 'Devil in a Blue Dress'

    The film is based on a Walter Mosley novel where Denzel Washington got into the mind of Mosley's character, Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins. Wonder how long it took the actor to shake off Rawlins.

  3. 'He Got Game'

    We absolutely didn't like Denzel's character, Jake, but he played the heck out him.

  4. 'John Q'

    We fell to our knees and cried, seeing Denzel on a mission to save his son as John Quincy Archibald.

  5. 'Inside Man'

    We love seeing Denzel take charge of a character. This was an excellent body of work.

  6. 'American Gangster'

    Portraying the infamous heroin kingpin Frank Lucas was no small feat, but Denzel did so like only he could.

  7. 'The Equalizer'

    By far one of Denzel's most recent brilliant work.

  8. 'Fences'

    To not only have directed the screen adaptation of August Wilson's play, but to also play the main character? Oscar-worthy.

    Denzel Washington plays Troy Maxson and Viola Davis plays Rose Maxson in Fences from Paramount Pictures. Directed by Denzel Washington from a screenplay by August Wilson.
    (Photo: David Lee/Paramount Pictures)

    Were these accurate? What other films should have Denzel won an Oscar for?

Written by Naiquan Greene


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