The Black Card Revoked Box Set Is What Your Kickback Has Been Missing

"Black Card Revoked" episode 101 - Tony Rock. (Photo: Karen Ballard/BET)

The Black Card Revoked Box Set Is What Your Kickback Has Been Missing

Black Card Revoked is quite possibly more essential to your next function than Henny.

Published January 2, 2018

It isn't often that Black people are given a game of our own. We've adopted some of the perennial favorites, like Uno, Spades, and Taboo, as staples in Black culture (and at every cookout) for decades. But never before has there been a game so steeped in the nuance of Black culture that it transcends social/familial groups — until now.

Black Card Revoked, the newest inductee into the "Mandatory Cookout/Kickback Games" hall of fame, was made by the creative minds of Cards For All People.

A bit about the company:

"An answer for the culturally curious, Cards For All People makes fun, nostalgia-filled card games that test knowledge of cultural milestones and moments. Our games aim to bring people of all types together through laughter and friendly debate."

And here's more information about Black Card Revoked the game:

"A fun and nostalgia-filled game celebrating American black popular culture. It's bound to invoke hilarious debates among young and old alike. Don't get your black card revoked!"

Think about all of the things you could do with the Black Card Revoked box set...

You'll Be Supporting Black Business

The creators at Cards For All People are a part of the community. So you can ensure your coins are being used to support a game that is "For us, BY us." There are even a variety of expansion packs, like Black Card Revoked - Jollof & Fufu and Gay Card Revoked, to represent the many unique nuances that exist within the spectrum of Blackness.


You can't claim to be for the culture unless you know and understand the culture. Study up and get to playing!

See Who In The Friend Group Needs Their Black Card Revoked

You always knew something was a little off every time your extra woke friend felt the need to educate you about one thing or another. Now you can put their knowledge to the test with the Black History Month expansion pack.

You Can Host The Move For Once

Owning a copy of Black Card Revoked will ensure that your spot is always the move. The homies can bring everything else (Henny? Check. Mixers? Check.).

It Will Take Your Kickback To The Next Level

Once the majority rules arguments get going over who the greatest hip-hop group of all time is, you aready know it's lit.

You Will Have The Edge When You Tune In!

Play along with the celebs as they compete to see who gets to keep their Black card and tune in to the premiere of Black Card Revoked on Thursday, January 18 at 10P/9C!

Written by BET Staff


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