What It Means to Be a Living Legend: An Ode to Roberta Flack

5th November 1969:  Studio portrait of American pop singer Roberta Flack looking to one side. She has her hands clasped at her waist.  (Photo by Jack Robinson/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

What It Means to Be a Living Legend: An Ode to Roberta Flack

Roberta Flack is the definition of legend and we dedicate these poems to her!

Published July 13, 2017


They say that heaven crafted her hands with the virtuoso of a blue sky horizon
Blended a spring breeze and harp notes in the midst of her larynx
They say that in the midst of a choir rehearsal somewhere
there was a bundle of notes born in Black Mountain
A miracle raised in Arlington
A mighty glory discovered at Howard
See a teenage prodigy showed them how revelations could be played in tune
But ain't that what you find at the mecca?
Didn't that blessing become one of DC's most beautiful testimonies?
Didn't they come from far and wide to see her play, to hear her sing?
Word spreading like Sunday morning sermon though a weary work week
Atlantic came calling because an ocean is the only home fit for a tsunami
Classical, blues, and folk was just a stroll along the keys for your fingers
R&B, Pop, and Dance were just history books waiting for you to etch your name
You are a legend
From First Take to Chapter Two
You showed us what it meant to be Born to Love
How to appreciate those Blue Lights in the Basement
How to hold someone Softly with these Songs when you Feel Like Making Love
You Let it Be… and gave us the Best of…
and we are forever in your debt
We still trying to sing them songs like you
Killing Me Softly with His Song
The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
The Closer I Get to You
Still wishing we could win a Grammy for Record of the Year back to back
Still trying to understand your magic
Still trying to grasp how you blended tradition
with grit, soul, and fire
You have played us passionate and sang our souls full
And ain't you one of the best to ever do it?
When you have helped so many navigate the night,
aint it only right they mark your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
Aint we still in awe?
You have taught and built, still inspiring musicians to come
You have given us some of the greatest testaments to love we have ever known
So for every kiss, for every promise, for every tear, for every affirmation,
for every held hand, gentle touch,
and for every belief in a tomorrow better than the days before
We thank God that we know the melody of your name

Written by Dasan Ahanu



Baby and after all these years
You are still our queen
You will never have to ask us where is the love because you are everything!

Your voice danced with Donny’s
Across ballads
Showing us how to love somebody
For all we know you're back together again
But only Heaven Can Wait
You're quiet fire influences me

Just like a woman
You showed us how to kill them softly,
when we Feel Like Making Love....
And So It Goes

Legend We Salute You
During these trying Times
You remain real black for me
just when I needed you
I heard you a-singing my song
sounding heavenly

We can only hope
That you will still love us tomorrow
But tonight we celebrate your love
Your life
Your legacy
Roberta Flack you are our Heaven
our Songstress
Our living legend
And our Regal Queen

Written by Miss B. Nicole



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