Black Girls Rock! 17 | 8 Ways Solange Embodies Black Girl Magic

Solange Cranes in the Sky music video still (Photo: Columbia Records)

Black Girls Rock! 17 | 8 Ways Solange Embodies Black Girl Magic

Here are eight ways Solange proves she is the definition of Black Girl Magic!

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 5, 2017 / 10:04 PM

  1. Her Crown

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    The queen rocks that hair like no other. She teaches young women that their natural hair is beautiful. She told Essence magazine, “I have a ritual at the salon where I have oils put in my hair and I sit under the dryer for an hour and a half.” Get into it!

  2. Skin

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    That skin glowssssss, honey! Solange isn't afraid to wear a bare face, and she does it beautifully! She's a Kiehl's partner, so you know she uses that good stuff! 

  3. Dance

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    Solange knows a thing or two about self expression. She claims that living in NOLA has allowed her to be carefree with the way she moves, it's a no judgment city!

  4. Big hair

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    What? Did you think we weren't going to talk about the hair more than once? Of course we are! Solange embraces big, beautiful and bouncy hair. She told Glamour magazine that she barely shampoos, but loves co-washing for growth! 

  5. uplift

    Thank you @thewebbyawards and the phenomenal Kara Walker. Genuinely shook.

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    Solange allows herself to be embraced by her friends while embracing others. "I look to my group of incredibly beautiful and talented friends for inspiration. We all identify beauty by our own terms. And at the end of the day, no one takes themselves too seriously" (Glamour Magazine). 

  6. Good Vibes

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    When listening to her music, you can just feel the happiness and good vibes. Her voice is like meditation, and the way she dances is like grace floating in the sky. 

  7. Creativity

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    As a woman in this industry it can sometimes be intimidating to put out ideas that others might criticize. Solange does it with a carefree spirit, a beautiful soul and a creative mind. 

  8. Black Love

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    She did this with her lovely husband by her side. Did you know he directed "Cranes in the Sky" and "Dont Touch My Hair" music videos? She told Vogue magazine that she felt comfort and peace and solidarity by working with her husband Alan. They shot in over eight difference cities. What does she love most? He never, ever said that anything was impossible. 

Written by Milena Toro


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