Black Girls Rock! 2017 | What It Means to Be: Congresswoman Maxine Waters

PLAYA DEL REY, CA - OCTOBER 20:  Congresswoman Maxine Waters attends Michelle Alexander VIP Reception And Justice On Trial Film Festival at Loyola Marymount University on October 20, 2013 in Playa del Rey, California.  (Photo: Vivien Killilea/WireImage)

Black Girls Rock! 2017 | What It Means to Be: Congresswoman Maxine Waters

A poem dedicated to Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 3, 2017 / 04:26 PM

Black Queen: An Ode

Black Queen, Black Queen, whatever that means you are it
Your essence is poetry and if it could spit it would say this
Be woman
Be black
Be unapologetic
You’ve ghostwritten truth in the stars with power and they’ll never forget it
You speak to my soul, your soul’s influence is forever embedded
in the hearts of little black boys and girls that share your dream
Black Queen
Do you know what that means?
They’ll be proud of their DNA knowing resilience and resistance is in their genes
Their hope will begin bussing from the seams
Because it seems they can do anything you can do
Not only because you’ve fought and won many fights for them but they look just like you
Political Maya Angelou
Black Queen
You could be my auntie too
Because of you, I have about 45 reasons to never hold my tongue
Being the change of the cry in the songs our ancestors sung
Black Queen Maxine
Radiating your light on the children of the sun
I always wanted to be a superhero but never thought I could really be one
Now I see one
Here she comes
Wading in the waters, Auntie Waters is fighting for freedom
Teaching the ignorant and fueling the empty as she feeds them
With enough shade to cover us during the hot season
They’re coming fro you for a reason
Black Queen
Run the House, Run the DMC
Black Queen
I love that you are me
Black Queen
You’re making history
To them your courage and intellect will always be mystery
Never be intimidated, never be intimidated
Your light has awakened us and I know they hate it
So I bow down
and pay homage to the Queen of the House with her crown
Black Queen Maxine

Written by Evita Colon



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