Top 10 Empowering and Inspiring Black Women to Follow

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Top 10 Empowering and Inspiring Black Women to Follow

Here's our list of the top 10 empowering and inspiring Black women to follow on social media.

Published July 24, 2017

  1. Dana Chanel

    Dana Chanel is an entrepreneur that focuses on inspiring her followers spiritually. She delivers virtue in posts and creates engaging videos that help to empower her followers. Follow her @danachanel.

  2. Briana Babineaux

    Briana Babineaux is a gospel singer who captivates her audience with her powerful voice. Check out her page @simply_bebe_ to get daily inspiration with the uplifting songs she sings.

  3. Sopha Rush

    Sopha Rush posts daily motivational quotes. Her page promotes the need to empower others and calls for unity. Check her out at @livedeeplyrooted if you need daily inspiration!

  4. Dr. Andrea Alexander

    Not only is Dr. Andrea Alexander an OBGYN, she's also a fashionista that posts motivational quotes. Whether it be fashion tips or empowering quotes, Dr. Alexander's account is a one-stop shop! Check out her page @paging.dr.dre to get all the inspo! 

  5. Laura Lacquer

    Laura Lacquer's page is literally goals. She's a Harvard Medical School graduate practicing dermatology, mother to three beautiful kids and married to her husband who is also a Harvard Medical School grad! Her page boasts over 110,000 followers who have fallen in love with her career and family. Check her out @lauralacquer!

  6. Shalom Blac

    👽 Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful #remindertomyself #beyourownkindofbeautiful

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    Shalom Blac is an inspirational beauty blogger that shows you can "be your own kind of beautiful." After suffering severe burns when she was younger, Shalom focuses on showing her inner and outer beauty by being a pro beauty blogger. Her page shows off her makeup looks, hair styles and motivational captions. Follow her @shalom_blac.

  7. Heather Lindsey

    Me & my mini me. #TaylorMilan 🎀 #MotherDaughter

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    Heather Lindsey is the founder of Pinky Promise, an organization that promotes abstinence in singleness and submission in marriage. On her Instagram page, you can find inspirational posts and videos. Lindsey is a speaker, author, devout Christian, mother and so much more. Check out Heather Lindsey's page @heatherllove!

  8. Shelah Marie

    Shelah Marie is the founder of Curvy, Curly, Conscious. With her brand, she empowers women of color to love themselves unconditionally. Shelah also practices yoga with her boyfriend, rapper Ace Hood, and we just love it! Check out her page for more inspo: @theshelahmarie.

  9. Sophia Roe

    🔺Dare to be Opposed🔺 ▪️I truly started seeing changes in my life when I went against the tides of what was popular, the supposed wisdom of trends, and what was safe. ▪️It's damned hard to have the confidence not to care about what other people think. To say it's risky..well that's an understatement▪️ ▪️We all like being in a herd, or conforming to a group standard. It feels cozy and comfy. We love being people pleasers, doesn't it feel great to be accepted?! ▪️ beauties, original ideas aren't always popular..sometimes they're challenged, disassembled, and even ripped apart!▪️ ▪️But..if your ideas and desires are under the guise of good intention, hard work, and perseverance--they'll survive! Dare to be disliked, dare to be challenged. It's okay! I am consistently hit with challenge after challenge. My work isn't cute or a walk in the park▪️ ▪️It's hard to help a person change their life, while also keeping my life in one piece. Trying to help everybody who asks for it, having to turn away clients because I just don't have enough minutes in the day. Researching day and night, only to find that this protocol, didn't work for me, or a client▪️ ▪️Being a winner is being able to hop from one failure to another without losing a drop of desire or excitement. Don't give up on YOUR dreams and head back to the herd with your head down. Flirting with disaster is how you become and mother-effing genius!▪️ ▪️I remember years ago being homeless, it was me and my dog living in a car, that was to be repossessed at any moment. Or that time, I lost an ovary and thought my world was crumbling. Or everytime I've ever heard, "No, it's never happening for you." Not a day goes by where I'm not thankful for every failure. ✨Don't be a victim, don't let those things make you feel sorry for yourself, or fill your heart with pity. Get your ass up..Dare to Fail, and be great! Love and light, xx❤️✨---up next, Oregano Oil--because damnit we are not trying to get sick 18392837328 times this winter season! 🙅🏽

    A post shared by Sophia (@sophia_roe) on

    If you want healthy and creative food inspiration or generally daily motivation, Sophia Roe's page, @sophia_roe, is the page for you. Roe is a phenomenal chef that also posts empowering captions to coincide with her beautiful photos. Also follow Sophia for great hair inspo!

  10. Alex Elle

    Alex Elle's page is filled with daily affirmations to empower her followers. Her page is filled with positive quotes that she creates and posts online. If you need a daily pick me up, visit Alex Elle's account, @alex_elle, to get your day going!

Written by Essie Acolatse

(Photo: Paging Dr Dre via Instagram)


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