The Revolution Will Be Digitized: India.Arie's Black Girl Magic Effect

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 25:  Musician India Arie performs during The Dinner For Equality co-hosted by Patricia Arquette and Marc Benioff on February 25, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group)

The Revolution Will Be Digitized: India.Arie's Black Girl Magic Effect

India.Arie's black girl magic is beaming and she has it digitized!

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 5, 2017 / 08:32 PM

  1. She's Motivational

    On India.Arie's Twitter, you can find daily motivational tweets that she has with people. The star is never short on empowering words.

  2. She Pays Attention

    Often times fan art goes unnoticed by celebrities, but India.Arie makes it a point to acknowledge the work of her fans. She showcases her #blackgirlmagic by being humble and spreading love!

  3. She's Always Been About Peace

    Songversation: Medicine is India.Arie's latest album. Throughout all her albums, she continues to grow and promote peace. Her aim, especially for this album, is to spread love, healing and joy.

  4. Her Music Inspires

    India.Arie's new Songversation: Medicine album is making headway with her fans. Her Twitter displays the support her friends give and how they feel about her album. Even through her music, she finds a way to inspire.

  5. All You Need Is Love

    After the tragedy at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, India.Arie sent her love to those affected. Many celebrities joined forces to share their love for Manchester and express their sorrow to Ariana and the victims. India.Arie used her platform to also show solidarity and spread love.

  6. Enough Is Enough

    India.Arie's passion doesn't only go into music, but also expands to human lives and Black lives. This simple yet powerful post from the songstress that reads "Enough" says a lot about how she feels on this issue. The #blacklivesmatter movement aims to raise awareness on the police brutality and unjust acts against Black lives. India.Arie supports this movement and showcases it with her followers. Enough is enough when it comes to police brutality against Black people.

  7. Laugh!

    Just let it go. #SoulBirdRise

    A post shared by indiaarie (@indiaarie) on

    India.Arie just wants you to let it go, be happy and laugh! Laugh really hard. Her post promotes positivity and relieving stress through laughter! Yes, India!

  8. You Are A Leader

    In the words of India.Arie, ladies, "you are a leader." Remember that. Let your #BlackGirlMagic unapologetically flourish!

Written by Essie Acolatse


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