The Revolution Will Be Digitized: SZA's Black Girl Magic Effect

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SZA photographed at BET's New York studio on June 7, 2017. (Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET)

The Revolution Will Be Digitized: SZA's Black Girl Magic Effect

Learn how SZA's black girl magic is oozing through her music, career and more!

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 5, 2017 / 08:32 PM

  1. True Definition of Natural Beauty

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    SZA doesn't have to prove that she's supermodel fly. It's already a known fact that, with or without makeup, she is a Black bombshell!

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    One more photo for good measure, so you know she's the epitome of the heart eyes emoji.

  2. Takes a Queen to Know a Queen

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    When rising star meets legend, there can only be magic made!

    SZA is on the rise in R&B and is a queen in her own right. But when she sees the queen of neo-soul, she knows what's up! SZA is all about being inspired and Erykah Badu is definitely a notable role model to guide her on her blossoming musical journey.

    Queens must stick together!

    More queen love!

  3. Not Afraid to Tell Her Story

    SZA is continuously finding herself and she's not afraid to share it through her music and in interviews. Before she used to be shy, but now she's finally opening up about her anxiety and gaining "control."

  4. She Remains Humble and Grateful

    Insecure star and Star Power Award recipient Issa Rae gushed about how amazing SZA's album was and how it felt hearing it for the first time, writing, "We got sent this SZA track before the album came out and I was in LOVEEEE! Lowkey the whole album could be on the show. #InsecureHBO"

    SZA gushed right back, saying how thankful she was to have the opportunity to have her music featured. It was a true girl-to-girl moment and we felt all the love!

  5. She Embraces the Environment and All That Is In It (Especially Animals)

    SZA's love for nature is captivating. She appreciates being outdoors more than most people and cares about the beauty and simplicity of nature itself — from the wild animals that thrive in it to the environment that it creates.

    lil outside fix a lot 🌿

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  6. She Gives Her Fans Advice to Heal and Express Themselves

    Catch Dr. SZA on Twitter giving free advice!

  7. Holding It Down for the Ladies

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    Even though SZA is part of a pretty thorough roster of male artists, being the only lady on TDE, she is effortlessly showing the guys how it's done!

  8. Getchu A Dance Lesson From SZA

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    SZA can bruk it down with the best of them. Her vocals are obviously nothing short of great, but don’t ever sleep on sis’s dance skills.

Written by Candice Grevious


(Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET)


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