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Mareena Robinson Snowden makes history as the first Black woman to earn her Ph.D in nuclear engineering from M.I.T!

Published September 9, 2018

Dr. Mareena Robinson Snowden is nothing short of amazing. As the first Black woman to earn her Ph.D in nuclear engineering from M.I.T, she is changing the game. Starting out, Snowden never knew she had a passion for this field until she learned more about math and science from her high school teachers. With her increasing interest in science, Snowden and her father visited Florida A&M University to tour the campus and meet with an acquaintance who worked in the physics department.

The trip panned out well as Snowden committed to majoring in physics at FAMU. Little did she know this decision would aid in her making history in her field. At the young age of 30, Snowden is the making power moves while breaking the glass ceiling. Prior to receiveing her Ph.D, Snowden participated in M.I.T's summer research program while still enrolled at FAMU undergrad. There, she found her interest in nuclear engineering, and in 2011 she enrolled in M.I.T's graduate nuclear engineering program. 

Now, Snowden has earned her Ph.D and recently began her new position in nuclear security policy at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Dr. Mareena Robinson Snowden is proving there is no career field that a Black woman cannot conquer. She is inspired and inspires young girls all around her. Her commitment to empowering women shows on her website, Snowden is a Black girl that rocks and continues to succeed! She is making waves in the STEM field and we are proud to acknowledge her for her excellence.

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