Sharkeisha and Mathew Knowles, No!

Sharkeisha and Mathew Knowles, No!

Papa Knowles is about to make a major musical comeback. Just wait for it.

Published May 18, 2016

Kelly's group hasn't had a full day of rehearsal in heels, but Mathew Knowles has challenged the group to a 'group-off' with his group Blushhh Music. We've just found out who Kelly's fierce five are during last night's episode of Chasing Destiny and we must say it'll be a friendly battle royale if this does go down. 

According to an article on, Knowles had this to say: "I always say 'Kelly, I look forward to your group....whenever you put it together, take your time...cause I wanna come somewhere with Tom Joyner and I wanna have a group off! A group off with whoever your group is and with Blushhh Music."

We've heard Kelly voice her views on female empowerment and how she wants the world to see multiple girl groups in the future. While she has not officially responded, at least  to our knowledge, we're confident that she'll be up for each of the groups showcasing their talent in a productive forum. 

Until then, we're excited that there will be new groups to stomp with the likes of Fifth Harmony and Little Mix (which Kelly helped nurture during her stint on X Factor). 

Watch a clip of Kelly giving advice to the now-popular Little Mix a few years ago as they sing a song by one of Kelly's fave girl groups, En Vogue.

Written by BET Staff

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